Date: 25/08/2014

By: Pharmg330

Subject: Good info

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Date: 24/08/2014

By: Pharmk205

Subject: Good info

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Date: 23/08/2014

By: Pharmg77

Subject: Good info

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Date: 23/08/2014

By: Smithf20

Subject: John

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Date: 22/04/2011

By: kweetniewatt wuste

Subject: site

goe bezig manne, big up ^^

Date: 10/09/2010

By: Industrial frequency

Subject: uhu

Big up guy's... And thanks for the invitation to join your crew!!


Date: 18/09/2010

By: kotex

Subject: Re: uhu

ge staat tussen et team, alifer ook trouwens :)

Date: 09/09/2010

By: Ketnies

Subject: Thx and Etc


First of all, Kotex thanks a lot for making the site ! Really appriciate that you took the time to do this! :)

Second, I vote we talk English on this site and maybe even on the facebook page since we've got two international artists (and probebly more coming...
I think they would also appriciate this :)

Let me know what you think of this...

Grtz and keep up the good spirit everybody :)

Date: 10/09/2010

By: Kotex

Subject: Re: Thx and Etc

Ok =D

Date: 08/09/2010

By: Kareltje Neocortex

Subject: site

begint der al goed uit te zien é!

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